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My New Blog

24 Sep

Some of you may have seen the video blog I posted in response to Judith Angel’s inflammatory television production featuring me and my husband, Noel Spencer.

What you saw was a lie.

Yes, that was me.  Yes, obviously, they didn’t coax me to say anything.  But, it was all edited and taken out of context.  The episode made it to look like I was some sort of trapped animal that Noel fed like a pet.

I’ve posted several outtakes of the video here on my YouTube page for you to see the real things I said.  Please, check them out, and know that my feelings for Noel were deep and true.

Feederism isn’t necessarily about becoming the biggest person in the world.  Most feeders and feedees are normal everyday people.  Lawyers, accountants, and even doctors enjoy a good stuffing and derive pleasure from it.  What’s wrong with that?  Nothing, I say.

My deal is I was immobile, and I wanted to move again.  I wanted to feel like I did when I was 300 pounds.  Some people gasp when I say 300 pounds is a good weight.  For some people, it IS!  For some people, that’s the only weight they can be.  That’s how they are made.

Many people who read jessennoel.blogspot.com may be reading this, and I want to thank you.  I won’t be writing about feederism here.  My journey isn’t that path anymore.  I’m on a new path.  I don’t know where that path will take me, but I hope you’ll join me for it.