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BFB Virtual Kiss In!

29 Oct

Over at the Big Fat Blog, Paul McAleer celebrates kissing.  It’s a beautiful tribute to love in many forms – parental love, romantic love, sexy love and silly love.  It’s perfect.

When me and Noel would kiss in public, we’d get dirty looks from people all the time.  Like we shouldn’t be together.  If Noel fed me in public, people would be especially mean.  I’ve written before about how I was called names on my wedding day.  People don’t care.  They really don’t

Fatty. Piggy.  Porker.  People actually say these things.  I tried to get on the bus the other day, and this guy shoved his way off the bus shouting, “Out of my way, Piggy.”  If I were a black person, and he said, “Out of my way *igger,” people would have been in an uproar.  No one would stand for it.  But people make fat jokes or call fat people names – to their faces – and that’s “okay”.

There’s truly an imbalance in how fat people are viewed in this country.  The amount of shame that fat kids amass before we’re even teenagers is depressing.  People need to stop calling our kids names.  It makes for acceptable adult behavior, and loving couples don’t feel comfortable giving each other a little smootch every now and then.

End the shame.   Fat PDA for all!